Bluemoonstone Creations

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Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace: GWEN


Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace: SANTA FE


Moonstone Gemstone Necklace: CRETE


Silver Gemstone Choker: GOMORRAH


Silver Moonstone Lotus Necklace: LOTUS


Moonstone Lotus Necklace: SARASWATI


Rainbow Moonstone Silver Necklace: GWEN


Silver Labradorite Balinese Necklace: LULU


Silver Rainbow Moonstone Necklace: THENA


Silver Moonstone Om Necklace: NAMASTE


Gemstone Crescent Moon Necklace: DELIA


Balinese Silver Moonstone Necklace: DELILAH


Balinese Moonstone Necklace: CHERISE


Dangling Gemstone Om Necklace: OMSHANTI


Moonstone Tassel Necklace: SHANNON


Large Oval Labradorite Necklace: CHARLIE


Multi Moonstone Necklace: CRETE MOON


Silver Moonstone Balinese Necklace: ALTHEA


Large Teardrop Labradorite Necklace: LOUISE


Dangling Gemstone Necklace: CAMILLA


Moonstone Sun Moon Necklace: CASSIDY


Celestial Multi Gemstone Choker-CHAKRA


Labradorite Moonstone Earrings: LULU


Celestial Gemstone Earrings-SUNRISE


Moonstone Dangling Earrings: BOHEMIA


Lotus Moonstone Earrings: SARASWATI


Moonstone Lotus Earrings: LOTUS


Rainbow Moonstone Sun Earrings: SUNSHINE


Silver Moonstone Dangle Earrings: RAIN


Moonstone Silver Earrings: GUINEVERE


Silver Dangling Larimar Earrings-MAGGIE


Silver Turquoise Earrings: EARTH


Dangling Gemstone Om Earrings-OM SHANTI


Dangling Gemstone Post Earrings: ROSALIE


Sterling Silver Leather Bracelet: CHEROKEE


Silver Byzantine Bracelet: Size 7 1/2″