Bluemoonstone Creations

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Moonstone, Turquoise, Amber & Carnelian Sterling Silver Jewelry: FREEDOM COLLECTION

Semi Precious Gemstone Necklace: GWEN


Baltic Amber Sun Necklace: SUNSHINE


Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace: SANTA FE


Silver Moonstone Amber Necklace: TIBET


Silver Amber Sun Necklace: ARINNA


Moonstone Gemstone Necklace: CRETE


Silver Gemstone Choker: GOMORRAH


Amber Sun Stud Earrings: SUNSHINE


Sterling Silver Turquoise Studs: NEPTUNE


Sterling Silver Amber Studs: SUN


Turquoise Sterling Silver Studs: JUPITER


Silver Moonstone Turquoise Earrings: INDIA


Moonstone Turquoise Silver Earrings: ARABIA


Baltic Amber Sun Earrings: CORRINA


Multi Gemstone Earrings: GUINEVERE


Silver Multi Gemstone Bracelet: MARRAKECH


Multi Gemstone Silver Bracelet: GOMORRAH


Baltic Amber Sun Ring: SUNSHINE


Multi Gemstone Ring: SANTA FE


Silver Multi Gemstone Ring: SANTA CRUZ