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Crescent Moon Jewelry

Crescent Moon Moonstone Necklace — Larissa


Silver Sun And Moon Necklace-SUN MOON


Celestial Moonstone Necklace-CELESTIAL


Silver Moon Phase Necklace-MOON PHASE


Moonstone Sun Moon Earrings-SUN MOON


Moon Phase Earrings-MOON PHASE


Moonstone Celestial Earrings-CELESTIAL


Moonstone Good Luck Bracelet-TALISMAN


Moonstone Crescent Moon Necklace: SELENE


Crescent Moon Stone Necklace: CHANDRA


Labradorite Moon Necklace: ECLIPSE


Moonstone Moon Necklace: ECLIPSE


Gold Moonstone Moon Necklace: ECLIPSE


Moonstone Moon Drop Necklace-MOONBEAM


Multi-Gemstone Moon Orbit Necklace: ORBIT


Rainbow Moonstone Moon Earrings-SELENE


Moonstone Crescent Moon Earrings-LARISSA


Crescent Moon Gemstone Earrings: DELIA


Labradorite Crescent Moon Earrings-ECLIPSE


Crescent Moon Moonstone Earrings-ECLIPSE


Moonstone Moon Drop Earrings-MOONBEAM


Gold Moonstone Moon Earrings-LARISSA


Multi-Gemstone Celestial Bracelet-CHAKRA


Labradorite Moon Ring: ECLIPSE


Rainbow Moonstone Moon Ring: ECLIPSE


Moonstone Moon Phase Ring-MOON PHASE


Moonstone Celestial Ring-CELESTIAL


Multi-Gemstone Moon Orbit Ring- ORBIT


Silver Moonstone Moon Necklace: LUNA


Moonstone Labradorite Bracelet: SUNRISE