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Gold Moonstone Jewelry

Gold Moonstone Necklace- EPIPHANY


Gold Moonstone Moon Necklace: ECLIPSE


Gold Moonstone Sun Necklace: SUNSHINE


Gold Moonstone Pendant: JOHANNA


Gold Victorian Moonstone Necklace: Scarlet


Moonstone Gold Necklace-JANE


Gold Vermeil Sun Necklace: PERSIAN SUN


Gold Rainbow Moonstone Necklace: CASEY


Gold Moonstone Sun Studs: SUNSHINE


Gold Victorian Multi-Gemstone Necklace- CAMILLA


Gold Rainbow Moonstone Studs: JUPITER


Gold Round Moonstone Earrings: CASEY


Gold Balinese Moonstone Earrings-EPIPHANY


Gold Rainbow Moonstone Earrings: OLIVIA


Gold Moonstone Moon Earrings-LARISSA


Gold Moonstone Sun Earrings-PERSIAN SUN


Gold Dangling Moonstone Earrings-KATIE


Gold Moonstone Chandelier Earrings — DAPHNE


Gold Moonstone Dangle Earrings — KLIMT


Rainbow Moonstone Gold Vermeil Ring- LUNA


Gold Moonstone Earrings: JOHANNA


Turquoise Gold Drop Earrings-KATIE


Gold Turquoise Hoop Earrings-MUCHA


Moonstone Gold Bracelet: JULIET


Gold Moonstone Bracelet: SCARLET