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Moonstone Sun Moon Earrings-SUN MOON


Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone sun and moon earrings handcrafted in Sterling Silver with large Rainbow Moonstones handset in suns, and smaller Moonstones in dangling crescent moons. The pair of the sun and moon symbolize the balance between light and darkness, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, and yin and yang.

These Rainbow Moonstone earrings are designed in America by Pamela Forman and handcrafted in Bali, where Balinese artisans apply their exquisite skill and traditional background in jewelry-making.

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Moonstone Sun Moon Earrings:

Moonstone sun moon earrings handcrafted in the finest .925 Sterling Silver.


“Beautiful earrings! Great craftsmanship with beautiful moonstones.” –Patricia

“I have several pieces…and they are all absolutely gorgeous. The stones are beautiful and you can tell the quality…The craftsmanship is also top notch.” –Claudia