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Silver Moonstone Sun Earrings-CORRINA


Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Silver Moonstone sun earrings handcrafted in Sterling Silver with Rainbow Moonstone semi-precious gemstones, to provide protection and enhance your intuition. Lightweight and comfortable to wear every day.

All of our Rainbow Moonstone earrings are designed in America by Pamela Forman and handcrafted in Bali, where Balinese artisans apply their exquisite skill and traditional background in jewelry-making.

If you have any questions about the earrings or would like to inquire about purchasing our jewelry wholesale to carry in your store, please fill out our contact form.

Silver Moonstone Sun Earrings:

Silver Moonstone sun earrings handcrafted in the finest .925 Sterling Silver.


“The quality is exceptional and I am very happy with the moonstones. I would highly recommend her jewelry.” –Patricia

“I can’t remember the last time since I gasped with awe and sheer delight upon opening up a package, and I have done so many times when opening up the boxes of your beautiful, beautiful jewelry! I am especially amazed at your jewelry collection’s inter-generational appeal, plus how all the pieces mix and match so immensely well, and also how the pieces can be worn either with a casual outfit or a much more elegant, more formal outfit: I can wear your jewelry so easily with jeans and a T-shirt or equally easy with a nice business outfit, like a fine blazer and slacks! KUDOS TO YOU, PAMELA, FOR CREATING SUCH An AMAZING JEWELRY COLLECTION!!”- Laura