Silver Moonstone Sun Earrings-CORRINA



Silver Moonstone Sun Earrings handcrafted in Sterling Silver with Rainbow Moonstone semi-precious gemstones, to provide protection and enhance your intuition. Lightweight and comfortable to wear every day!


Silver Moonstone Sun Earrings:

Silver Moonstone Sun Earrings handcrafted in the finest .925 Sterling Silver.


“I can’t remember the last time since I gasped with awe and sheer delight upon opening up a package, and I have done so many times when opening up the boxes of your beautiful, beautiful jewelry! I am especially amazed at your jewelry collection’s inter-generational appeal, plus how all the pieces mix and match so immensely well, and also how the pieces can be worn either with a casual outfit or a much more elegant, more formal outfit: I can wear your jewelry so easily with jeans and a T-shirt or equally easy with a nice business outfit, like a fine blazer and slacks! KUDOS TO YOU, PAMELA, FOR CREATING SUCH An AMAZING JEWELRY COLLECTION!!”- Laura