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Sun Moon Moonstone Earrings — LUCINA


Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Vermeil Earrings

These sun and moon Rainbow Moonstone earrings are handcrafted with love and meticulous attention to detail. The exquisite earrings combine the ethereal beauty of Rainbow Moonstones with the timeless elegance of Sterling Silver and the luxurious allure of 18K Gold Vermeil in the celestial harmony of the sun and moon.

Opulent Rainbow Moonstone gemstones radiate from the centers of 18K Gold suns, intricately designed in a Balinese style with granulation. The sun is embraced by meticulously crafted Sterling Silver crescent moons hanging from French ear wires.

While the sun symbolizes vitality, energy, and life, the moon represents feminine energy, emotions, and feelings. Together they bring balance to your life with a touch of celestial magic. The ethereal glow of the Moonstones increases your intuition, provides protection, and attracts love.

The interplay of silver and gold creates a harmonious contrast, accentuating the intricate detailing and adding a luxurious touch to the earrings.

All of our Rainbow Moonstone jewelry is designed in America by Pamela Forman and handcrafted in Bali, where Balinese artisans apply their exquisite skill and traditional background in jewelry-making.

If you have any questions about these sun and moon Moonstone earrings or would like to inquire about purchasing our jewelry wholesale to carry in your store, please fill out our contact form.


Sun Moon Moonstone Earrings:

Sun and moon Moonstone earrings handcrafted in the finest .925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Vermeil.

Chain Type

16"-18" Chain, 18"-20" Chain