Bluemoonstone Creations Testimonials

Daphne Earrings

“Beautiful gems – exceptional silver work. I am very pleased. They are a gift for a friend and she loves them. Now that I have seen the earrings I will have to purchase a pair for myself. Moonstone can be cloudy – not these. Lots of color flash and the setting does the gems justice.” –Susan

Scarlet Necklace

“This necklace took my breath away when I opened the box. It is stunning. I think this is so beautiful.” –Marilyn

Guinevere Bracelet

“I love this piece more in person! Photos don’t quite capture the magic of it!”- Mary

Gwen Multi Choker

“I just love this whole collection!… I cherish all of the pieces I’ve gotten and plan to purchase more soon!”- Mary

Solstice Necklace & Phoebe Earrings

“They are perfect and exactly what I was hoping for….I wore a Moonstone necklace and earring set for my small wedding in August. These pieces are BEAUTIFUL – the picture doesn’t do it justice. Pamela was very responsive to questions and both pieces shipped quickly. Will definitely be purchasing more jewelry from her in the future.”- Jordan

Olivia Necklace

“Thank you for this beautiful moonstone necklace! Pictures don’t do it justice, more beautiful in person!”- Leslie

Valerie Necklace

“Oh my goodness- its even more beautiful for real than what it looked like online. Really exquisite!”- Lisa

Guinevere Ring

“My ring arrived 1 day early & it’s truly stunning!! I love it & it fits perfectly!! Thank you for the beauty you create!”- Jennifer

Daphne Earrings

“They are amazing, simply perfect, I am very grateful for these pieces of art!”- Elise

Johanna Necklace

“OMG I can’t express in words how beautiful the moonstone necklace is… I LOVE IT thank you so much.. Quality is great..”- William

Eclipse Necklace

“I just received my necklace. It is stunning! I love it! Thank you!”- Karron

Daphne Gold Earrings

“I am thrilled you made it happen! They are GORGEOUS and will be very treasured! Images online do NOT do them justice!!!! Thanks so much!”- Caroline

Epiphany Gold Necklace

“The necklace is really very stunning. Thank you.” –Lily

Guinevere Earrings

“Arrived all the way in Alaska within 4 days! Wonderful service. Hubby is giving these to me for our 30th wedding anniversary. He just doesn’t know it yet. LOL My man hates to shop so my gift to him is I buy what I want and give him the bill. We both end up very happy.”- Lisa

Cancer Zodiac Necklace

“My lovely necklace arrived today!! I’m flying tomorrow to give it to the woman I hope to become my wife! I can not thank you enough for this piece of jewelry. You hit the nail with this piece, it is amazing and I thank you so so so much! And for the hand written card.❤️❤️ The necklace is beyond beautiful and the service I’ve received from you has been increadible.” –Marcus

Scarlet Bracelet, Chakra Bracelet, Daphne Earrings

“The earrings and bracelets I ordered are delicate and beautiful. I know I will enjoy wearing them for special occasions. Thank you, again, for such thoughtful service and exceptional pieces!”- Joyce

Venus Studs

“Just received my order, the earrings are gorgeous, thanks.” –Janice

Jane Necklace, Katie Earrings

“I received the earrings and necklace today and they are beautiful.” –Marian

Chandra Necklace

“I wore the earrings and crescent moon necklace for the first time today, and got compliments everywhere I went.” – Nora

Lucy Earrings

“Wow!!! They’re gorgeous and beautifully made. Now I’m back for a necklace! Thank you.” –Eleanor

Sunrise Necklace, Chakra Bracelet, Sunrise Earrings

“I got my jewelry yesterday and all of the pieces are stunning. I wore them today and have received several compliments already. I’m beyond happy with them and am enjoying wearing them.” –Sherry

Olivia Labradorite Earrings, Persia Earrings

“I’ve fallen in love with your earrings!!! Thanks for making beautiful jewelry!” –Barb

Johanna Larimar Earrings

“I got my earrings!!!… and they are spectacular!!! Thank you so much Pamela, I love doing business with you 🙂 and they were delivered very fast. Until next time.”- Nubia

India Earrings

“The earrings arrived today – and they are gorgeous!  Thanks so much.” –Debra

Olivia Earrings, Rosalie Earrings

“I wear jewelry from Bluemoonstone Creations every single day. I’m not even joking. I am in absolute love! I got my jewelry all last year, but I am returning to the website to see what I would want to purchase next! The jewelry is of extraordinary quality… If you love silver and love stones, then you are going to love the pieces in these collections! Thank you so much for doing what you do, Bluemoonstone Creations. I love your work and appreciate your service!” –Brooke

Althea Necklace, Bonnie Necklace, Venus Studs

“I got them today and they are beautiful! I will wear them a lot. Thank you for your time on this. It is nice doing business with someone who is attentive. Thank you…. Seriously I do love everything.” –Joanne

Olivia Earrings

“Pamela, Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service. My beautiful moonstone earrings exceeded my expectations. The quality of the stones and detailed workmanship was perfection. So very pleased with my purchase” –Diane

India Necklace, Arabia Earrings, China Earrings

“I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the jewelry I purchased.  Everything is beautiful!  My sister liked them as well and remarked what good quality they are. I’m sure I’ll be doing more shopping on your site!” –Carolyn

Cherise Necklace, Namaste Necklace, Melinda Necklace & Ophelia Earrings

“I received my necklaces and earrings yesterday. It was a joy to unwrap them!  Each one is more beautiful than its picture— you’d need 3-D to do them justice! The Cherise necklace is particularly lovely.  I know I will always enjoy wearing them.
Thank you again!”- Joyce

Sita Necklace, Lotus Earrings, Melinda Earrings

“I just want you to know that the earrings and necklace arrived today. They are absolutely beautiful and will be a pleasure to wear. They really do have good energy! Thank you so much!” –Joyce

Chakra Choker & Chakra Bracelet

“Beautiful! The two pieces arrived today and they are gorgeous. I love the combination of these three stones and have a feeling I will be buying more down the road. :)” – Tracy

Sita Necklace, Om Lotus Bracelet, Lotus Earrings

“I picked up my new Bluemoonstone Jewelery yesterday at the post office and I LOVE IT!!!!  It’s beautiful!  I’m sure I’ll be the ‘envy’ of the girls at my yoga studio!!!” – Shari

Gomorrah Choker, Althea NecklaceGwen-Multi NecklaceEarth Necklace, Earth Earrings, Corrina Earrings & Cordelia Earrings

“I can’t remember the last time since I gasped with awe and sheer delight upon opening up a package, and I have done so many times when opening up the boxes of your beautiful, beautiful jewelry! I am especially amazed at your jewelry collection’s inter-generational appeal, plus how all the pieces mix and match so immensely well, and also how the pieces can be worn either with a casual outfit or a much more elegant, more formal outfit: I can wear your jewelry so easily with jeans and a T-shirt or equally easy with a nice business outfit, like a fine blazer and slacks! KUDOS TO YOU, PAMELA, FOR CREATING SUCH An AMAZING JEWELRY COLLECTION!!”- Laura

Tara Choker & Tibet Necklace

“None of the three of us (my mother, sister, and I) can get enough of this line! I think we’ll all share our “loot” so that we can mix and match different items all of the time! Also, your line has such intergenerational appeal: my almost 80-year-old mother loves it, as does my sister’s two teenage daughters, as does my 50-year-old sister and my best friend and me at 45! TERRIFIC JEWELRY LINE, PAMELA!! BEST GIFTS EVER FOR OTHERS— OR (better?!) FOR SELF!!! HUGE THANKS!!” – Laura

Guinevere Bracelet

“THUD! (That was me fainting at the sight of its beauty) 🙂 An early birthday gift for myself. Think I’ll start hinting to hubby now to get matching earrings. 🙂 Arrived quickly. All the way to Alaska.” –Lisa

Casey Necklace

“Beautiful necklace. Very well done. Perfect photos. Great communication. Very caring. Fast. Unbelievable customer service. Best I have ever received.” –Laura

Rain Earrings

“Gorgeous!!!! Beautiful stones and craftsmanship. Very very pleased with earrings.” –Jennifer

Olivia Earrings

“Loving these. My new favorites. They go with everything.”-Lisa

Melinda Earrings & Bohemia Earrings

“Love the earrings! Very well made!”- Arlene

Persia Earrings

“They are beautiful! I can not wait to wear them. Thank you for the quality craftsmanship.” –Lou Ann

Casey Necklace

“I just wanted you to know that I received the necklace. It’s beautiful!” –Elyktra

Althea Necklace

“Thank You so much for the beautiful Althea necklace I bought from you for my friend for Xmas!! She absolutely loves it so much that she has trouble taking it off…I’m excited to buy earrings and a bracelet to go with it. I love that you can mix and match your jewelry! Anyway, thank you again! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!” –Ed

Thena Necklace, Sunshine Necklace & Eclipse Necklace

“I received the necklaces and I couldn’t be happier! They are beautiful! They are such special pieces! I hope my daughters and girlfriend will love them as much as I do! I will be back for sure! Happy holidays!” – Ben

Sun Studs

“Lovely earrings with beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you!” – Lili

Star Studs

“Great quality, clear stones that shine blue in the right light. Very pretty, perfect size for my small ears, and works very well (better than I imagined) with my necklace pendant that also has single rainbow moonstone. Very happy. Thank you.” –Valentina

Crete Necklace

“I bravely purchased this for my wife as a gift. She absolutely loves it. The detail is phenomenal and the craftsmanship is excellent. I ordered before Pamela had sent out the day’s shipments so it was shipped same day! Can’t wait to see the new collection.” –Brian

Guinevere-Multi Earrings

“The earrings are stunning! I can’t wait to wear them! Thanks so much for the quick shipping and I look forward to shopping your jewelry in the future.” –Laura

Gwen Necklace

“I ordered this necklace and a pair of earrings for a gift for a friend. Both pieces were beautiful, and she loved them. I was very happy with the whole experience! Thank you!” –Suzanne

Delilah Necklace

“Absolutely beautiful! Very high quality. Beautiful silver work and gorgeous stone. Fast shipping. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.” –Janet

Olivia Earrings

“These earrings are lightweight and very pretty. Love the look. Thank you!” –Pam

Althea Necklace

“What a statement piece! Excellent craftsmanship, gorgeous stone and a beautifully made sterling silver necklace. Big enough to be noticed without being “over the top”. Thank you!” –Pam

Moon Studs, Sun Studs & Neptune Studs

“Sometimes I think I should keep a log to tell you about the places your beautiful jewelry has been. I wear one of the pairs of earrings nearly every day. I had them on when I visited some members of Congress in DC in January…They are so versatile – business suit or jeans. I honestly wear them all of the time.” –Lisa

Olivia Earrings & Moon Studs

“Thank you so much for doing everything to fullfil my wishes, and making it possible for me to get my girl such a beautiful christmas gift! Im so happy now!” – Dominik

Bohemia Earrings

“Just wanted you to know I received the earrings and love them, I know my girlfriend will too!” -Jean

Jupiter-Turquoise Studs

“Love the earrings! Just what I was looking for. They are also great quality.” –Dianna

Luna Necklace

“I LOVE the necklace. I’ve been looking for a necklace which can serve as my go-to necklace, and I am so glad that I found it!” –Chisoo

Olivia Earrings

“Lovely earrings! Couldn’t be happier.” – Ruth

Gomorrah Choker and Bohemia Earrings

“I have told myself I’d only post selfies of me and my dog but I am loving my new necklace and earrrings from Bluemoonstone Creations!! Thank you Pamela for inspiring me to explore my own creativity. Can’t wait to see you back in bean town!!” –Juliana

Persia Earrings and Venus Studs

“I LOVE my new earrings!!!! Thanks – your jewelry is amazing!” –Barbara

Luna Necklace

“My necklace arrived. Your work is SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s even more gorgeous in person than on your website. Lovely! And it feels good too, the weight in my hand and I love the chain. I like how the larger moonstone and the smaller one look different — One is milky and the other more purple. I am SO EXCITED to have one of your pieces.” – Evelyn






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