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Gold Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

While Jewelry has always been a way of making a fashion statement, we believe that each piece should create personal self-expression, adorn the body, and radiate beauty. Looking for a unique piece to add to your collection or the perfect gift? Consider gold Moonstone jewelry from Bluemoonstone Creations. Read on to learn more about our Rainbow Moonstone jewelry handcrafted in 18K Gold Vermeil and our Bluemoonstone Creations’ designer and owner.

What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil is thick gold plating on top of Sterling Silver. While solid gold jewelry is extremely expensive, Gold Vermeil offers the same rich look at a fraction of the cost and still contains all precious metals. It is hypoallergenic, so those with metal allergies can safely wear our pieces. Since the gold plating in Vermeil is much thicker than gold-plated jewelry, the gold lasts much longer.

While the U.S. requires 2.5 microns of gold plating on Sterling Silver for Vermeil, at Bluemoonstone Creations, we go above and beyond the minimum requirements and use 3-4 microns of 18K Gold over .925 Sterling Silver on our pieces.

Gemstone Options

Rainbow Moonstone jewelry is our specialty however, we also offer a selection of our 18K Gold Vermeil jewelry in Tibetan Turquoise and a combo of the two. Rainbow Moonstones were used in ancient rituals to strengthen your intuition, provide protection, enhance your dreams, and attract love, while Tibetan Turquoise is known to promote happiness, good fortune, balance, and spiritual grounding.

To clean your Gold Vermeil jewelry, gently wash it in a bath of warm water with gentle dish soap. Rinse it and pat dry. Avoid using a Sterling Silver polish cloth, and for the best protection, keep your jewelry in a sealed plastic bag. Gold Vermeil can get wet, but we recommend removing your jewelry before swimming or bathing to keep it beautiful.

We ship worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can get your gold Rainbow Moonstone jewelry from Bluemoonstone Creations. Browse our Tibetan Moon Gold Collection to see the variety of gold jewelry we offer. And be sure to also check out our large selection of fine handcrafted Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry.

About Bluemoonstone Creations

Designer and owner Pamela Forman has over 23 years of experience in jewelry design. Each of her pieces is handcrafted, incorporating her bohemian style with hints of Art Nouveau, inspiration from yoga, and her love of Moonstones. Most of her influence comes from her travels through Bali.

If you have any questions about our jewelry, you can contact Bluemoonstone Creations by emailing or by filling out our
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